The Next Big Thing for Endodontists: Specialty Services Partnerships

By Mark Young and Eric Young

The Next Big Thing for Endodontists: Specialty Services Partnerships

As practicing clinical endodontists, our foremost goal is to provide the highest standard of patient care. We’ve spent countless nights studying in undergraduate colleges, schools of dentistry, and residencies to prepare us for this mission. Indeed, the standards to become any type of medical or dental specialist are stricter, take longer to learn and require more time to ensure the excellence patients deserve and our specialty requires. 

Providing a higher level of care every single day is integral to everything an endodontist does for their patients. As practitioners, it is incumbent upon us to anticipate any challenges that may impede us in our duty of excellent patient care. What are those challenges today and what challenges are we likely to face tomorrow? How do we overcome those obstacles?

The reality many endodontists face in running a clinical practice is already difficult and getting harder. What if there was a better way?

U.S. Endo Partners supports fellow endodontists by providing valuable practice resources so our partner-clinicians can spend more time doing what they love – providing excellent patient care. We provide essential operational, administrative and marketing support. If endodontists—or for that matter, any specialists—worked together from within a group of like-minded peers, they could create a better future for themselves. Together, as partner-clinicians, we can keep better control of group pricing. We can resist overreach from insurance companies. We can cover for each other and go on vacation without fear of losing referrals. We can benefit from peer-to-peer mentoring in a supportive community. Endodontists are stronger together.  

Perhaps most importantly, our partner-clinicians have more opportunities to provide the highest standard of patient care while increasing their own quality of life. When this cooperative spirit is amplified with investment partners, the enterprise value of this specialty group becomes exponentially increased. 

We always knew cooperating with other endodontists would lead to a better future. Our initial growth and results are evidence of that belief. This growth makes a better life for partner-clinicians, creates more opportunities for associates, and ensures the best outcomes for our patients. As these results continue to speak for our specialty services partnership, the number of partner-clinicians across the country increases.    

As a prospective endodontist considering joining a specialty services partnership, the advantages for U.S. Endo Partners’ model are numerous. We are backed by experienced investment partners, with a proven track record of following through on equity events with other specialties. A realistic chance to multiply equity exponentially is remarkable for any partnership. We were the first to market with the largest network and the strongest margins among its partner practices. We possess the proven ability to increase the value of our equity, the momentum to achieve it and a culture that promotes the welfare of the endodontist and patient.  Joining U.S. Endo Partners gives you access to a network of mentors ready to guide you through your journey of becoming a partner.

The proven success of U.S. Endo Partners is a testament to the enormous value of endodontists working together. U.S. Endo Partners strives to change the status quo for the improvement of its member endodontists, their families and their patients. Through favorable market dynamics and enterprise value, we have the opportunity to increase our worth together more than separately. This opportunity allows current and future associates to truly advance into partnership while reaping the rewards of future equity events with a proven team. In a risk-benefit analysis, there are far more benefits to this model than to the solo practitioner who assumes all the risk on his or her own.


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