Endodontic Practice US Summer Article: Clinical Excellence Meets Business Expertise

Endodontic Practice US Summer Article: Clinical Excellence Meets Business Expertise

Since December of 2018, U.S. Endo Partners has stood for endodontic excellence. We are a partnership founded by endodontists for the benefit of endodontists. In the constant effort to better ourselves and our clinical practices, U.S. Endo Partners' unique business model partners endodontic specialists with business specialists to maximize both clinical and business results, giving focus to our patients and their care. 

Being endodontist-led and driven, we created the Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) to lead our business.   Comprising of four exemplary clinical endodontists, the CAB has a cumulative knowledge base of over 115 years. The CAB acts as our "guiding star" for the relentless pursuit of excellence and ensures all decisions made for our group are founded first, in the patients' best interest,  providing the highest level of patient care,  second in the best interest of the specialty followed by our partners and their families.

The unique value our CAB brings to our partners and associates is immeasurable. The benefit of having mentors and collaborative endodontists on your side is an advantage to any endodontist. So too is the powerful sense of value contributed to your practice when difficult decisions are aided by those who have gone before you. Being challenged in new ways professionally is a necessary part of positive growth. It increases our professional worth to have access to per mentorship.

When COVID-19 first emerged as a threat to all medical providers, the CAB showed the safer path forward for our partner-clinicians who kept their doors open. They stayed glued to updates from the CDC and state guidelines, which helped inform best practices. They also used their personal contacts within the healthcare industry to acquire PPE for our endodontists and establish safe practice standards. Under CAB guidance, our partner-clinicians became the first responders of dentistry. 

The CAB contributes their expertise to the practice of our specialized field of dental treatments like root canal irrigation and obturation. Additionally, the CAB offers learned tips on the nuances of RCT Retreatments. Even the latest in implant technology is up for discussion with our CAB. If it affects patient care,  the CAB offers support for all U.S. Endo Partners'.

As much as the CAB increases our knowledge base, U.S. Endo Partners also understands the profession of endodontics beyond clinical expertise. As much as we excel in endodontics, most of us were never taught how to own and run an office. There were no endodontic classes offered in ordering PPE during a pandemic, legal requirements regarding HR issues, or navigating the complex taxation issues occurring within the myriad of business entities. 

These needs manifested into our proven business model that bifurcates the duties between the clinical guidance provided by the endodontists of U.S. Endo Partners and our organization's business side. U.S. Endo Partners elevates endodontists to function at the highest level by providing custom support in every business aspect. U.S. Endo Partners works with a team of professionals in business, finance, HR, compliance, and more to optimize the ROI of each practicing clinician and to support better patient care. This team of diverse and highly qualified professionals sets us apart and makes us a strong partner for any practice.

Our guiding principle of allowing professionals to succeed in what they trained for creates an optimized organization where clinical excellence meets business expertise. 

U.S. Endo Partners understands this mutually beneficial relationship, while novel for some, is a natural progression of the specialized realms of our expertise. We assembled endodontics and business leaders to deliver an optimized specialty services partnership for endodontists. 

We are the nation's first and foremost: U.S. Endo Partners

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